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Originally Posted by Jshaw1992 View Post
Hello all I'm new to this forum I have a 1999 Saturn SL1 it's awesome I just want to put some mods in to increase performance yet keep my gas mileage I want to put a ram air in and a new body kit on any other mods you guys recommend?

I beg to differ with the nay-sayers, and say you CAN have it all!
I designed so many cylinder head/intake manifold/cam combos that made Lots More HP and better MPG (at part throttle) that prove it is possible. However, the newer engines have reduced some of the sloppy parameters that reduced efficiency, so these days ECM tuning is almost always needed if you start doing things to increase BSFC. The goals you seek are possible, but would require internal engine rework, which is not cheap. You could get a small HP increase with external things, but your platform would need substantial trial and error to achieve this. The ScanGaugeII is a great starting point!
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