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Possible Thesis Project: Fuel Efficient Aftermarket Aero Kits: What do you think?

Hi everyone,

My name is Cody, I have followed this site for many years but never registered or was active on here. I am a huge Japanese car enthusiast and have always been into the aftermarket side of things, more for enthusiast/spirited driving, track racing and time attack racing. I have built and designed many body kit components for the Acura RSX.

Long story short I am in the middle of completing a graduate degree in Transportation design from the Art Center College of Design here in Pasadena California. I have to complete a thesis project, and while my heart would be set to build some badass time attack track car aero, I feel like that has been done so many times and I would like to find a new market.

So I am contemplating if doing a thesis on creating a line of universal and platform specific aero parts that would target people that circulate this site (eco modder enthusiasts) and or possibly attract some general non car enthusiasts as well with the design.

My biggest question is, could there be a market for this? I know about moon craft and other companies that have designed and manufactured (not diy) parts like these. But are they unwanted, too expensive, not functional enough or what?


I have also experimented with alternative materials as well- I made a front bumper design, plug, negative mold and casted it using paper pulp years back:

and also recently I have done some surface modelling and 3d scanning in alias and have 5 axis milled some of my designs, similar to how the popular "Tra-Kyoto" "Rocket Bunny" Japan kits are made. My Fender in foam, right from the 5 axis:

Aside from the crazy designs, I enjoyed the process of alternative materials and also surface modelling.

If anyone has thoughts on this topic (hypermiling + Fuel Efficient Aero Parts) as a thesis project I would be interested to hear your thoughts

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