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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Oh, you can do so much better than that. How about a combination of electric and solar/wind power? AE-1 Silent

Launch on the electric motor, then find a thermal and soar as long as you want, using zero fuel. And you can stay up for long periods - I've gone as long as 3 hours or so in a standard air-tow launched sailplane, and could go much longer if there was an on-board restroom :-)
I like that idea, better than an inline four trying to fly. I wonder what they did to the fuselage, controls and weight distribution to take on such an idiot wobbly engine. As a former aircraft crew chief, I was shocked when I learned of the first dainty 5 main bearing subaru engines in home made aircraft. That crank can't do a quick roll, 30 below and a few g's...but Anyway,
True flight has brought weirdos, temporarily, in aviation history. Given the times and borderline criminal for invention, I am not surprised anymore to see the photos of an inline diesel in an airplane.
Glide without an engine in my mind, it is peaceful.After recent years, aside form the 120v6 long over due, aviation and automobiles needs a fatherly engineer to set things straight or it will be war..(My truest scariest thought out loud.)
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