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I got the flywheel attached, cyrusCosmo! It works great. I have never been very mechanical, but finally understand what you guys were saying about connecting a DC motor and doing regen. I could use the same battery bank to power the dc motor, and then run the AC motor in regen, charging the same battery bank. haha. I'm not going to, at least at the moment, as I don't have a Dc motor.

I tested the battery current limiting, and it seems to work. You can set it to take no more than 'x' amps from the batteries, and separately, no more than 'y' amps into the batteries. That is a separate control from setting the max "motor amps" (line to line amps). I'm going to just send out the controllers to the 2 beta testers, and worry about polishing the details from a distance. I think it's at a place where the fundamentals are good. So, adding the brake regen feature will have to be added on later. I don't have a way to test that at all at the moment. I'll just send it with the wig-wag throttle. You can set the regen territory to be any amount you want, so it could just be the small amount that we were talking about that causes the car to feel like it slows down a bit when you take your foot off the throttle.

It will be interesting to see how the PI loop tuning goes. For now I'll make a separate C file for that, that will need to be run in debug mode with a locked rotor (emergency brake on?) at a relatively low voltage (48v??). I could do it all as a config mode in the same software as the regular C file, but I'm just trying to keep things simple at the moment.

So, I just need to test the UART and EEProm stuff, and then I'll get the stuff together and ship them out. I hope you guys didn't pay for shipping already. haha. If so, then it will get shipped out in about 2 weeks (payday). haha
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