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In Lean Burn Mode
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She runs

I did a test start up run to check for leaks etc. Everything looks great so far!!!

I have only one concern? The HP 13g small turbo makes boost with no load (in neutral) on the engine. This might be to small of a turbo for FE? I have a feeling that I will be in boost all the time.

Before I would use the turbo lag to control lean burn and keep it in the light load part of the map. The accelerator pump enrichment part of the TPS would be just enough to pull the engine out of lean burn into the medium part of the MAP.

From a race point of view its great!!! I'm going to have full boost under 4000rpm easy.

From a FE point of view I might of just lost my lean burn light load window.

I starting to get very sick of this car. Our weather just turned also with this weeks high temps of only 25*F. Maybe I will gut the damn thing put the roll cage in it and turn it into a full time race car!!!
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