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I broke the drain-cock in the Wagon.

This happened in Mid-September 2014, but I'll recall it here for reference:

One day while going to get the car inspected a hose came loose (Due to a section that was patched up, apparently) and leaked antifreeze on the engine while I was driving. That was easily remedied and I got the car home; What happened next is this:

First, I decided to go with a radiator flush. I got the coolant out (and it was dirty) and then flushed the car for a while until the water coming out was clear, and I used a flushing additive over so many miles of driving. All good, then I put the drain-cock (made out of plastic) back in after I had worn it down to the point where it wouldn't hold the water in, and it broke off inside the radiator.


At some point I took the radiator off and some hours later I had a brand-new radiator.


Then I (not knowing to do this and having not read the box until i got home) bought a radiator cap and a thermostat. I already had the coolant.


Then I bought the gasket sealant for the thermostat.


Then I put the thermostat on. After I put the thermostat on, I got the new radiator on too. Then I filled the radiator with coolant, and after missing a car-show and being ill and adjusting the coolant until now where it'll withstand a cool enough temperature for me to be satisfied the car is much peppier. Even before I put a new radiator on I noticed a great improvement in the engine responding when it was just running on water.


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