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Getting back to basics, any "deal" has to be evaluated on its own merit and compared to future worth. When gas is $4/gal you save $1. The plan as i see it is for 15000mi/yr x 3 years. The typical car today will get 25to 30 MPG. So 15000mi/25MPG= ~600 gal. or $600/yr. If gas goes to $5/gal you make double etc. It's a gamble, but not for car buying. The realistic future worth would be ~$1800 over the 3yrs. (It could also go down - at which case you got zip). But in negotiating you should be able to get $2000 additional off the price up front.

I would not fall for this deal at this time. It seems that gas cannot sustain this price level. It will go down.When????How much????
You shouldnt buy a car based on this "distraction". They get you all worked up over the $3 thing and you forget that you should be getting thousands off the sticker on a higher priced car. Watch out that you dont go broke saving money.

Personally i wouldnt waste my time on new cars that get less than 50 MPH. Until then i will keep my gas hogs and save the price of a new one. It makes no sense to buy a new big$ car that gets so-so mpg. You can buy some really great (large/cheap) used lo mile cars that get 25/30+ MPG. Dont be too hasty. Time is on your side. Next year's cars WILL get much better MPG and so on. If you need one immediately, dont fall for these gimmicks.
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