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Originally Posted by 320touring View Post
Spent an extended weekend playing with a Suzuki Jimny- great fun and decent mpg for a 4x4

Wrote up the trip on me blog too

Jim Jimny, Jim Jimny, Jim Jim Jaree | fu'guttycars
Good review - the Jimny is superb for what it is, makes a LR Defender look really sad.

The 1.3 VVT (85hp) is much better on MPG apparently, and the posher ones with full dealer history hold their value really well.

Honest John (yeah I know ) has a set of plugs for the 1.3 at 76 and not a full service kit - although they don't say if this is the VVT or the original 1.3.

If and when I pursuade Mrs A we need to move out of expensive Embra to somewhere more rustic, my everyday motor will be another Aygo or a Jimny - or maybe one of each selected day by day depending on "conditions".

Shame they no longer do the LWB "Commercial" models like they did with the SJ.
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