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I wanted to try the potato trick on Veteran's Day, actually comparing the different methods.

That would have been exciting.

However, by the time that my friend finally came over, we needed to go and find food. Throughout the day I looked into places honoring Veterans for Veterans' Day. Only having three hours of sleep appeared to affect me somehow... I knew that Great Clips was giving out free hair cuts, that is where I usually go. I looked forward to undoing my bad hair cut from last month.

Aside from that, I kept seeing this place offering a free appetizer and that place offering a free entrée. I figured that it would be like getting free samples from Costco, getting so many small portions of food that you feel like just purchasing an actual meal.

Then I saw that Golden Corral was offering free meals. I had not been there. My friend was already over, trying to push me out the door, while I wanted to plan. World Market and Sears both offered discounts. Well, so did Joann Fabrics, but so what? Sears exclusively had a discount on tools, but that only made it better! Some department stores had sales on clothing, with similar restrictions to restaurants, they limited the selection.

But, tools! Forty percent off, and additional ten percent off of their sale prices! What tools did I need? What tools didn't I need?!

I did once again think that spending money in advance of earning it was foolish, but tools!

When I told my friend about Golden Corral, she had enough, she refused to listen to anything else, insisting that we went there immediately.

Who cares about a free appetizer here or dessert there when you get all of the appetizers, entrées, and desserts at one place?!

The thing that I dislike about buffets is that in order to be profitable, they charge too much, and then I feel that I need to eat more. It turned out that their free meal was Monday the 17th, but many Veterans went not realizing that. I seemed to be the only one to read the big sign on the door. Many left when they realized. My friend was undeterred, even if it required paying for me. After overeating, I did not want anything to with consumerism, so I went home and went to bed. I could have picked up some cool things at Sears and World Market, but I will try to enjoy keeping money in my bank account. However, I could have looked for polyester taffeta at Joann.

I overheard one woman complain that "All of the world observes Veterans' Day today,"

I cannot imagine that the rest of the world cares much about holidays in the United States.
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