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Originally Posted by woodstock74 View Post
I tend to tackle projects that are favorable on the cost to time to mpg improvement ratio. I only have about $15 into these underfloor panels, that's $7.50 each. Pretty happy about that. Plus they're low hanging fruit so to speak and lessons learned here will certainly lend themselves to helping out with potentially more ambitious ideas later on. But there are certainly lots of gains to be made on the underfloor. As for wheel covers, they'll be similar to what I've done before, rather workmanlike in execution, but simple and utilizing what's at hand:

Lots has been said about making a flat wheel cover, however I feel it's more important to limit the flow transfer from the wheel to the airflow moving down the side of the car. The above achieved a 2.5% increase in MPG on my Nissan Versa (the largest single gain I ever saw with one change) and they certainly aren't flat perse.
Your covers are more a mutilated convex form,which would have a distinct advantage over a perfectly flat cover.And the carbon fiber 'look' is certain to attract attention.
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