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Humm... You know, skimming through the last couple of days of the local Craigslist, there is NOTHING I would consider even close to an economy car for under $1500. Lots of '80s & '90s Ford, Chevy, & Dodge pickups, some large cars from the same era...

But then there's this:
1936 Diamond T Model 80 Express truck. Good chassis, roof, hood and decent rear fenders, front fenders are rough, door bottoms are rusty. No motor, transmission, dash or steering wheel. Lots of parts missing, lots of rust. No data plate. Sold with bill of sale, no title. Visit the following youtube address for a detailed video of this truck $1500.00.
And an '84 Cadillac Eldorado, '79 T-bird, '53 Buick, '79 AMC Pacer...

PS: I didn't really mean for the video link to get posted as a link.
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