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Aero suggestions for my car

I think I have pretty much maximized FE in my car with driving style changes. I am on to aerodynamic modifications now.

This is a picture of a car that looks exactly like mine. Paint and spoiler are even the same!

Another car that looks similar to mine

Front end view (best i could find)

I was surprised to read that this car has a .29 cd stock. So far I have blocked the two eyelet pieces of the grill using cardboard and some zipties. I plan to block off the bottom also.

Other mods:

Wheel skirts

Mirror delete - I am not sure how I will solve wiring for the mirrors. I only want them off temporarily... will there be cords blowing in the wind?

Perhaps wheel covers? These are alloy wheels, will it be possible to cover them??

Mods I am not handy enough to even attempt:

Belly pan

Thanks in advance guys. If you could help point out some of the sources of drag on this car I might be able to work from there.

edit: The hood on my car has a factory designed hump in it on the drivers side. It was exclusive to the DOHC cars. Unfortunately I can't fix that. It does add a little bit of uniqueness to the car though.

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