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I've run cars dry 5 times.

Twice in a beater that I was reluctant to overcapitalise by filling the gas tank. One of those I was lucky enough to coast a block into a gas station. The other time I walked - ~40 min round trip - to get fuel only to realise back at the car that I needed a funnel to transfer it into the tank. Fortunately I found a discarded (glass) soda bottle that with the bottom knocked off it could be used for that purpose.

Twice - in two different cars - I've run out after an instrument repair where the gas gauge needle was moved. The difference in each case was only about a needle width, but that was enough. One was another coast into the gas station. The other one I had a 15 min return trip run (I had people I was chauffeuring to our night out waiting with the car).

The 5th time was while as a professional driver where my partner and I were trying to finish the day's driving before refuelling. We ignored the flashing fuel warning light and low gauge and got caught. Another walk but with a lift from a passing Good Samaritan for part of the way.

I don't know if it counts as me running out of fuel but I was on a chartered tour bus (college field trip) that ran out. As a Diesel, that did require bleeding of the fuel lines after fuel was put in the tank.
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