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I had no idea you could get good cars this cheap.
Of course they are never around when your car breaks down !
I found a couple of good deals right here in Austin.
Almost makes me want to buy one to store at my parents place.

Oh - I found a black 1972 Road Runner with a 440 and an 800 cfm carb- NOT going to make it to the 35 MPG club !

A CRX ! - ehhh. It's been molested though. Rated at 37 Highway, but we all know that this car wouldn't be getting that ! :

nice Crx si with 194xxx miles on body and about 75xxx on engine d16z6. i purchased the car about 1 1/2 yr ago and honestly drove it about 10 times. I wanted to keep it as a project car but i don't have the time and money for it. car does run. i have clean title and clean CAR-FAX for it. This car has never left San Antonio until i bought it.

what i have done since bought

mugen bumpers
new cv joint
new idle air control valve
new springs
new map sensor
new spark plugs and wires
new gas filter
new gas pump
and engine and transmission oil but did it awhile ago.
and there is more but really cant remember at the time.

its a good car but need its TLC. and doesn't have a/c since previous owner swap engine.
Reason for selling I don't have any need for it plus its taking up space. haven't drove the car since 2 months ago but does start and u may test drive it. car is dusty and will be coming with steelies not the white rims.

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