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Originally Posted by cts_casemod View Post
The prius motor is a hybrid between a switched reluctance and a PMSM. How are you going to do the angle estimations?

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've only heard of "angle estimators" in regards to induction machines and "sensorless" machines.

I am going to use the resolver that comes with the motor to sense the motor's location and speed. I've made a proto circuit to drive the resolver and filter the resolver's sin and cos outputs for an AtoD converter. The proto works; the board design is currently being made.

According to Toyota's engineer who designed the new generation motors and ORNL, the phase relationship is fixed between the PM and reluctance torque in the Toyota motors. Basically the PM motor produces peak torque at a current angle of 0 degrees. The peak reluctance torque occurs at 45 degrees. The peak combined torque occurs at 35 degrees, but this differs a bit according to conditions like motor speed, etc. This corroborates with some information I've found about synchronous motors in general.

This is the big reason I'm interested in this controller. It's FOC is critical for achieving the full range of RPM and maximum torque with this motor. It's not just hype.
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