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Originally Posted by KROHN27 View Post
Well I finally ran an entire tank through the Civic since the Insight wheels, bridgestone RE92s, and the partial grille block. I was able to get my best mpg ever, which was 56.77mpg the tank was probably 80% interstate driving around 65-70mpg, drafting semis from a safe distance when possible. I'm pretty happy with that outcome, but I know there is more potential. The car has Karlyn/STI plug wires, and I don't think the distributor is OEM either, I also haven't changed the fuel filter, which whether it needs it or not is always cheap insurance and can't hurt.

I have Eibach sport springs sitting in my garage, and I've been considering the Koni Orange Str.t struts to pair with them, but I'm wondering if I will see any positive effects mpg wise from getting the car closer to the ground. Anyone care to sway me one way or another?
Great work sir! So glad to here about the positive progress. I bet you can get to 58 with adding a front air dam extension. I noticed much less turbulence to have to fight once I added mine.

I just installed some Eibach Sportline springs on the car this weekend. They came with used OEM shocks that were not in as good of condition as mine. I went ahead and ran them anyway, as I didn't want to fool with a spring compressor. They ride surprisingly well, even with the aged shocks. I plan to swap on my OEM shocks this coming weekend. Hoping that fixes the slightly bumpy ride and few rattles here in there. It is my understanding that with the Sportline's, you CAN run the OEM shocks, though aftermarkets are recommended, solely because they will wear out the OEM shocks over time. But, if I can eek out 15K or so out of them, while riding nice, I'll do that.

I have a 2" gap at all corners. Very happy with the Sportline height. I'll make an update post to my thread soon.
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