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This has to be some kind of scam, who in there right mind would by a two seat insight when they are adopting a child.

would like to make an offer on your 2000 Honda Insight.

My wife and I are looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle, and the Honda Insight is the best one. We are in the process of adopting (Dan & Agniya Are Adopting! - Home) and have been matched with a birth mom in Colorado, so we will be making several trips between Springfield, MO and Denver, CO between now and July. And I know that I will need to make a couple trips down to FL because my Dad’s health is starting to go, and I know of at least one trip to TX that I will need to do.

So with all our extra income going toward our adoption expenses, I am able to offer you $1433 for your used Insight, subject to an inspection at a local garage. It is not a low-ball offer, but rather what I am able to afford. I would be able to come up to Lemont next week Tuesday or Wednesday (Nov 18/19) to inspect and pick it up.

To give you more understanding on my offer, I have budgeted $2000 for a used Insight, to include any inspections, getting the car registered in MO, fuel expenses to pick up the car and a reserve to cover any minor repairs that may be needed. If you vehicle is in good condition, as you say in your post, then there should be little to no repairs needed. I would be happy to send you a check, after the car is registered and any repairs made, for any remaining balance from my budget.

FYI, here are the expenses that I am accounting for:

$ 50 Local inspection, to confirm purchase

$ 12 MO state inspection

$109 MO registration

$196 Gas up and down for my car and return trip for the Insight (495 miles to your location)

$200 Reserve for minor repairs (if none are needed, some or all of this amount can go back to you)

How are the tires?

How is the windshield?

Is the IMA battery pack fully charging?

Is there any rust issues?

Anything that may need repair?

Do you have any more photos, such as a walk around form different angles, the inside, under the hood, engine and back hatch, tire detail…

Thank you so much for considering my offer and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
- Tony

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