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Originally Posted by wyatt View Post
If you want to automate the door you may be able to have it open whenever the fan kicks on and close afterward. I know in my car the fan kicks on after the coolant temps reach 202degF and it kicks off below 190degF. That's what I plan on doing after I get around to it.
I am new to the site, and I don't even have an MPG meter yet (my first planned modification). Then I want to start making incremental changes and record what the effects are (that's what being an engineer will do to you).
The radiator door needs to open up before the fan has to kick on so you can avoid adding its electrical load to the engine as much as possible. Ideally you should adjust the amount of cooling drag (radiator door opening) to reflect the amount of cooling actually needed by the engine, which can vary depending on engine's power output, airspeed, and ambient temperature. That's why I want to regulate the door's opening by the temperature of the coolant arriving at the radiator.
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