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Has all retail turned into WalMart ( made in China )

I took this at work ( A big box hardware store ) the other day. Note that the thing is made in USA of " global components ".

What the hell does that mean ? I'm thinking that means it's made by some child in China and shipped here to the USA where a low paid 'merican screws on the top piece and puts it in the box with the big US flag on the box.
I stock the shelves at work and see thousands of products made in China, and several of them using this " made in USA of global components " labeling.
There is even a US flag being sold that is made in China.

I don't have anything against China, but don't want to support child / slave like labor.
So I avoid shopping at WalMart and such, but in the end, is every big box store in America doing the exact same thing as WalMart ?

Is WalMart any more evil than the rest of the bunch, or were they just the first ones to screw it all up for us ?

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