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Let me expand on this a bit. For each of these scenarios, mostly taken from my own experience, tell me if you would rather be going 80mph or 45mph?

1. a deer jumps out in front of you
2. a part comes off the car in front of you
3. a tree falls on the road just in front of you
4. the load comes off the truck in front of you
5. you lose a wheel
6. you get a flat
7. a retread comes at you
8. a dual truck tire lifts a rock up at your windshield
9. something falls (or is thrown) off a bridge
10. you are on a curve and hit a slippery spot (i.e. black ice)
11. the hood flies up on your car
12. you are approaching blocked traffic and realize your brakes are gone.
13. Someone crosses the median.

etc. etc.

I don't really care if you speed, but it is a bit extreme to make general statements like there is no correlation between speed and safety, even if you did read it somewhere on the net. And blaming the people that are getting rear ended is even more extreme.

BTW, you have at least proven your original assertion wrong, so I'm glad we cleared that up.

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