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Hello from Brazil

Hi, I have been looking ecomodder for some months, just now register.

I have 29y old and live in the south of Brazil. Have two cars:

A Honda Fit 2008 manual 1.4l for daily drive with about 10.000km (6k miles) per year

and a Audi A3 2005 1.8t upgraded with some like 300hp. make about 1.000km (600 miles ) per year

I am a petrol head mix with eco head. (That's why i have 2 cars.)

I also love DIY stuff in cars, lot of upgrades in the audi to be faster, and now upgrades in the fit to be more efficient. Also because gas is expensive here. (US$ 4,60 per gallon )

I only have the Fit for about 6 months. But I have achieved a good 17km/l ( 38MPG ) of 70% road 30% city. No mods yet. Just normal slow and eco driving. But I have some mods under way, specially grill block, spoiler and kill switch.

Post pic when I can

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