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It could mean a lot of things. For instance, to build that thing - whatever it is, you probably need some nuts & bolts. Do you hunt around looking for a US nut-and-bolt maker, or do you just order the necessary sizes from your wholesale hardware supplier? Likewise the wheels: most manufacturers would order them from a catalog. Same with all the other fittings. So at a guess, the design, parts stamping, and assembly was done in the US, and the standard hardware came from wherever the wholesaler orders from.

Nor can I really see how WalMart &c really screwed up things. Seems to me that most of us are a good bit better off being able to buy whatever we need at reasonable prices. Take for instance Harbor Freight as an extreme case: before they started importing things from China, the ordinary guy (that is, someone not in a particular trade) would have had a hard time finding a lot of the tools they carry, and they'd be priced out of reach.

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