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Good point. It kind of helps the transfer of wealth.

A. So a noob with a car problem take it to the shop and pay big bucks to them to fix it and adjusts his budget to pay it off.

B. So a noob goes to HF, buys a tool kit, then goes to advance auto to buy the part, looks online to find DIY instructions and fixes car self. Now has tools to play with and more money in his pocket.

I guess the questions is this, which is more important or makes a bigger impact on the economy?

The dealer and mechanic, Joe Smoe and Craftmans, MAC, SNAPON, tools or Joe Smoe and HF tools?

Cd, is that a paint sprayer? Which would you rather see? Joe Smoe pay a contractor to paint a room, Joe being able to afford the pain sprayer and paint it himself?

I buy a lot of tools that end up being single use for jobs I need done. Many tools I resell for half to 75% their original cost too.

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Nor can I really see how WalMart &c really screwed up things. Seems to me that most of us are a good bit better off being able to buy whatever we need at reasonable prices. Take for instance Harbor Freight as an extreme case: before they started importing things from China, the ordinary guy (that is, someone not in a particular trade) would have had a hard time finding a lot of the tools they carry, and they'd be priced out of reach.
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