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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Well, the stagnation point is a good high pressure area. You've got one of those.

What car is this? Tip: add a garage entry. Then your vehicle shows up with all your posts, beneath your username. Potentially useful context.
Not quite the right image but it shows the grill area:

Originally Posted by 2000mc View Post
I think you might be reading into the full grill block too hard. I think there are a lot of vehicles on here that might have a "full grill block", where the entire upper or lower grill is blocked, but one of the 2 is left partially open, or there is a gap in the body work, or at the edge of the hood that allows air flow. My grill is completely blocked, but it pulls air like the corvette pictured above. it's not that differnt or special from any other grill opening, it's just not surrounded by body work on all sides, it still uses some amount of frontal area to grab air to direct through the radiator.
Yes, I realise that most people don't completely block the grill, and most people try to avoid using the fan, but I have a fan that I am happy to use and which will only use the amount of energy needed so I have a choice of where to draw the air from. The question is, which is the best place to draw the air from? Maybe it is from in front of the grill adding to the amount that ends up under the car, maybe not...
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