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Originally Posted by rsx2002 View Post
I drive mine in 5th gear going forty when im on a very flat road and will get 49-52 mpgs. But those spots are rare here in WV and if you got any slopes, even small inclines/declines, your better off driving 45 or 50 or the engine will start to lug.
Sorry for the delayed response. I finally managed to go for a relatively longer drive to check for mpg through SG.

All at 5th gear no ac but sunroof open (has a sunroof visor so drag isn't as bad)

At 50mph with LOD at 38-44 SG shows 37-39 MPG
At 55mph with LOD at 40-45 SG shows 35-36 MPG

At 70mph with LOD (can't remember) shows 29-30mpg
At 80mph with LOD (can't remember) shows 28-29mpg

Total 64miles driven with an avg of 34.2mpg. I forgot to check what it shows at 40-45mph on 5th. I would guess it would be around 38-40mpg. My tires are at 31 psi (cold).

There were some faster acceleration in between that I can't go into details.

Edit: I did a 40mph on 5th and 45mph on 5th today:

at 40mph on 5th with LOD 43 SG showed 37-38 mpg
at 45mph on 5th with LOD 38-40 SG showed 38-39mpg

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