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Small beans compared to most of your successes, but I'm pretty proud of this. Since the beginning of October, I'm averaging over 25mpg from my 2004 PT Cruiser. The pig was getting 18mpg back in the day, I was doing over 23 for most of the past year, but I'm really using its momentum a lot more, shifting into neutral several hundred yards prior to a stop or turn, just coasting. That's the only big change in the last few months, otherwise, all the standard changes (air in tires at 50psi, stopping engine at long lights, slow acceleration and rarely exceeding 45, which is best mileage speed in most cases).

One other variable is non-ethanol gas. But here in Florida gas is down to the $2.50/g range for 87 octane, while non-ethanol is $3.79 at the cheapest place around. I'm thinking of running for a month on regular 89 or 91 octane to see how much difference the non-ethanol makes.

EDIT: Doofus that I am, I didn't realize I was piggybacking on someone else's thread. I'll stick to coasting in neutral.

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