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Greetings from Tucson

I am new to this site, but have long been "into" Fuel Saving. Long before
gas prices shot up, I kept a sharp awareness of gas economy...less cost
meant I could go more places, and further!
Presently I drive a 2000 Suzuki Swift, with (almost) monotonous 37-mpg
gas mileage. I can drop to 32-mpg on the open interstate, running 85 to
90 mph...once, in no-traffic conditions in northern Chihauhua State (Mexico)
I returned 27-mpg running fully loaded, with the A/C on--open freeway,
and AVERAGED 100mph, GPS documented!
I also own bikes and motorcycles--a Honda CL-200('74), and Kawasaki
ZX-1100 (Earth-Rotator).
The lil' Honda gets 73-mpg around town; the ZX-11 has recorded 52-mpg
on a cool nite northbound on I-5 from Vancouver, WA to Seattle.
The ZX has THE anyone could love. It provides effortless power
at ANY speed (top end is around 176 mph), but will purr when ridden with
My greatest regret is that US Suzuki does not see fit to import some of the
"micro-cars" they have in Asia...they had a 750-cc 3-cylinder DOHC 6-speed
car that got 60-mpg or better! How's come we never hear of these??

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