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I have been thinking about how i am going to mount the controller and i had assumed mounting it flat with the thick plate at the bottom would be the best.
But then the images others have posted of things coming loose in the post has me concerned.
The postal service may be rough with packages but i imagine the engine bay of our cars will be rougher.
Would mounting the controller inverted with the thick plate at the top be better so that the capacitor isn't hanging from the top of the housing?
I have terrible visions of going over a significant bump in the road and the capacitor dropping down onto the IGBTs.

Paul, is the ring capacitor polarity sensitive? I keep thinking about my earlier suggestion of the copper rings to give a solid mount to the capacitor. Could the IGBT's be turned around so that the driver pins were on the outside of the rings rather than the inside? Then there would be room to put the driver circuits outside the rings.
Just a thought.

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