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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I didn't bolt the cap down in shipping. It mounts to the enclosure with 4 bolts and doesn't bounce around. Going over a bump won't matter. You can mount it any way and nothing comes loose when it's all bolted together. I was just trying to save time with shipping the others out.
Whew, good to know.

Thanks for that information Paul, puts my mind at ease.

I just ordered the rest of the batteries for my EV conversion, it's getting exciting now.

Now i just need an excellent image or logo to put on top of the controller. The controller will be mounted above the motor and will take up most of the engine bay. So i think it should not only work well but should look good as well. It will be the main thing that is visible when i open the hood.
I think i will avoid the use of sparks or lightening bolts as this may give the wrong impression. Sort of like a petrol tanker with flames painted all over it.
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