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Car build to date $$$$

Oh my Oh my

I did some addition to see my investment on my Talon so far.

Car $1100.00 Used
ECM Link SD Management System $ 700.00 New
Trans parts $500.00 New/Used
Head w/Cams $1000.00 Used/Rebuilt
Rings/Bearings etc. $500.00 New
Turbo's $1500.00 New/Used
Exhaust system $300.00 Used/Built
Waste Gates $500.00 New/Used
W/B, Map etc $300.00 New
Tires wheels $600.00 New/Used
Misc $1000.00

Investment $8000.00

Paint was Free PPG Sponsor
Labor on the car Mechanical and Body and Paint done by me. The exhaust was done by a friend.

The build took over three years and to be honest I could probably only get around $4000.00 out of it. So the ROI sucks but its be fun to build and keeps out of the bars.
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