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Originally Posted by Astro View Post
e*clipse, i used a hot air soldering station to do all my BMS modules and it made the process quite easy. If there were any issues like a resistor standing up due to surface tension (happens occasionally, depends on amount of paste you use) then it was simple to just push it back down with tweezers while the solder paste was still hot and flowing.

The process i used was almost identical to this one.

I did about a dozen boards at a time. Much more than that and the pick and place becomes tedious. It really was fun to see all the components shuffle about and line themselves up neatly. Was almost like magic. Made all the time doing the pick and place worth it.
COOL! Thank you Astro.

That works better than my toaster-oven technique in that desoldering is also easy. Wow. That video speaks volumes.

- E*clipse
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