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Some more progress.
I visited a local wreckers and found a electric power steering pump.
Took a little while to extract it from the car, i have no idea why manufacturers put things where they do. Eventually it was extracted and the cost was $50.
I also found a vacuum reservoir to complete the brakes which cost me $10.
Also located a few items for my ICE vehicles.
So quite a productive rummage at the wreckers.

I welded up a bracket to mount the P/S pump using some existing mount points in the engine bay. Next i will have to get the hydraulic hoses joined up. I will get the high pressure line made up professionally, way too many PSI for my skills.

The A/C hose looks close but it will move once the A/C compressor is mounted to the motor. I may need to make alterations to the mounting bracket but i will wait and see where the hose ends up.
At the moment there is about an inch of clearance between the top of cap on the P/S module and the underside of the bonnet. So there is some room to move vertically but not much. The module could be moved horizontally further back towards the battery. Where it is at the moment was the easiest spot given the existing mount points available. If it needs some refining later then that is ok.

I welded up a bracket to mount the electric vacuum pump.
I just combined an existing bracket for a part that is no longer required with the bracket that came with the vacuum pump.
It will live under the wheel arch out of the way.
The vacuum reservoir will be mounted under there too.

As i look at this bracket now i am wondering if i should have added some diagonal bracing to help support the pump. The spot welded joint may not hold up long term. I will have to ponder that some more.

My father-in-law and i thrashed out some more details on the hub and adaptor plate setup. The plan is to use a taperloc in the hub. This should give the hub a nice snug fit. Combined with the keyway there shouldn't be any movement.

I ordered the rest of my cells for the traction pack. I already had 4 cells that i was using to test the BMS modules on as i built them. Now i have ordered an additional 44 cells to make up the 48 cell 156 volt traction pack. This was the most expensive purchase of the entire build. About a quarter of the total build cost is the batteries.

I have started welding up the battery rack for the traction pack. Looks like it will fit neatly.
Still lots more welding to be done on it before it is complete.
The battery rack It is going to be a self contained battery module with the main and precharge contactors integrated into it. So when the contactors are de-energised the high voltage is only inside the pack. It will be attached by several easily removed bolts so that the entire pack can be easily removed for maintenance and inspections.
It needs easy to remove as it will be mounted under the car in the void left by the petrol tank which would be too awkward to work on without removing the pack. Well that's the plan anyway.
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