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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Yes. Can your thesis produce a negative result, or does it have to overcome those objections?

The paper mache front bumper is interesting. You could look into 3D printing to overcome the universal/platform specific divide. Also liquid wood, available commercially as Arboform.
I have a feeling the OP may have moved on and left the thread for dead, but here's some food for thought.

A guy I know has a 3D printer and is working on a CNC mill. He says the 3D printer is prohibitively expensive and brittle for anything large. For a bumper design, one might mill out a male mold of the part out of foam or styling clay, fiberglass over that for a female plug, and use the glass plug to make the final product.

If you were to work totally analog, you could take a mold off an actual bumper, pack clay into it, scrape, pack, scrape, pack, then continue with the fiberglass as above.

This would cost you the materials and time to make the tooling, but you wouldn't have to spend even more to make a second one. You'd probably save money over 3D printing either way.
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