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2012 smart Fortwo, Hwy vs City street commute?

Hi, I'm new to this forum; please be gentle if I break any unwritten rules here.

I have an unmodded 2012 Smart Fortwo, and I've been pondering the question of my commute in regards to fuel efficiency, but I'm not coming to an answer on my own, so I thought I'd ask it here.

I typically drive 65-70 on the highway; I have a OBDII device that alerts me when I exceed 70 or when I accelerate fast or brake hard.

I have three choices of route for my commute to work:
1 (Hwy): 9.5 miles, 7.6 are highway miles
2 (Mix): 8.2 miles, 2.9 are highway miles
3 (City): 8.3 miles, no highway miles

My question seems simple: which route consumes the least fuel?

My thoughts: Route 1 is the longest, but also has the most constant speed. I drive efficiently on the highway (constant speed and not *too* fast). Route 2 is what I think will be best, as it's the shortest but has some efficient highway driving in it. Route 3 is my dark horse, because it's almost as short as 2, and I never exceed ~45 (but it's a lot of stop-and-go, as well).

Thanks for your thoughts!

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