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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
That's just what I need. Scrape the underside on the road and start a bush fire.

Starting to cogitate a few ideas on how to do this. Thinking hinged at bottom front of existing boattail. Metal bar frame skinned with coroplast for the underside. Frame will be positioned about a foot below the existing boattail at the back end to produce the reduced departure angle and will extend about a foot beyond the existing boattail. Two compression springs at back end to keep frame in down position when not in contact with road. Possibly small wheels under frame at back (wait to see where the coroplast shows road rash). Lower sides made of aluminum sheet with hinged seam (piano hinge)running length of boattail to maintain rigid shape in wind yet fold out when frame contacts road. Hinged aluminum bars to attach back of frame to back of boattail. Don't want to go with fabric sides to the boattail extension as that would likely flutter in the wind unless kept tensioned just right. Any thoughts? It would be illuminating to do a CFD image of the aerocivic with a 10 degree departure angle to see what the flow improvement would be.
I wish you could have been with me in 1984 at Epcot Center.
At the GM Pavilion,they had their Aero 2000 concept car on display.And they had a video depicting the airflow under the car,with an active diffuser deployed,and with it stowed.
The flow looked really good with the diffuser down.After Darko,I know I need to do something with the T-100.
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