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Originally Posted by cts_casemod View Post
Unless one's planning to make a lot of boards (Paul for example) I don't see much need on hot air working tools. Regular solder and soldering iron do the job quite nicely. If needed there are some cheap propane soldering irons as well that do a decent job (I use one for the thermal shrinking tubbing).

I regularly work on 64 and 100 TQFP chips and I trust hand soldering much more than any solder paste as I know my joints are perfect and short free. If needed I can post a video of how to do it.

Of course one needs a bit of practice, but the TQFP is an extreme case, most SMT parts on the inverter are soics?
The current board has no tqfp parts. There are 6 SOIC16 parts that are pretty easy to solder. I made sure to have the pad stick out past the legs so it's easier to do by hand. There are also a few 1210 caps and resistors. Everything else
is old fashioned through-hole. I wouldn't mind seeing a tqfp video! I could do a tqfp 44pin without much issue with my current tools, but a tqfp 64pin that's still 10mmx10mm (or was it 14mmx14mm??) is pushing it with the soldering tip I have.
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