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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
The current board has no tqfp parts. There are 6 SOIC16 parts that are pretty easy to solder. I made sure to have the pad stick out past the legs so it's easier to do by hand. There are also a few 1210 caps and resistors. Everything else
is old fashioned through-hole. I wouldn't mind seeing a tqfp video! I could do a tqfp 44pin without much issue with my current tools, but a tqfp 64pin that's still 10mmx10mm (or was it 14mmx14mm??) is pushing it with the soldering tip I have.
That's the point. People get scared when someone mentions SMT but there's really no reason. those IGBT drivers are huge

Tip size is not important. My tip is 2mm wide. I don't like the thin ones as temperature regulation is quite poor. See If i can make a video next time I solder one. Friends ask all the time when they blow their Arduino mega/ Nucleo, etc.

Here's one I've been asked to get high resolution pictures from. Best my camera could do anyway.

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