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As I mentioned previous : "I should add that the CFD images may not be totally accurate, and this entirely due to my lack of understanding of how to use the program.
Sometimes artifacts appeared, and the tests contradicted themselves.

I fully encourage others here that are CFD pros to run professional level testing on the car."

To give you some idea of some of the odd things going on with the CFD, just take a look at this image of the top rear of the car that shows flow separation where we know that there is none.
I would like to see a redo of the CFD done by a professional - there are a few on this site that work in CFD.

I never posted these images due to the inconsistencies in the results, and especially the Cd value.
I tested the CarBEN and ran into the same issues.

( The flow along the bottom appears much less turbulent here as well )
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