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I did my first test runs and everything looks great so far. Now its time pull the head one more time to check some burn shadows. I recorded no knock so I'm sure it will be good but I won't be able to sleep until I see the piston tops and combustion chambers. If it all looks good then I will finish the rear turbo cover and scatter shield and permanently mount a lot of the items.

The turbo compound system is doing what I wanted and is making 1 to 2 lbs of boost while in ultra lean burn load with Crankcase pressure at 0 psi.

I need to build a better pre-heater for the high heat direct port. My new design will be two 2 1/2" cans that will bolt on top of the inner exhaust manifold runners. In side will be copper coils that will feed the direct port dual lines. I'm also going to build a fresh air vent to control the temperature of the direct port high system. Right now I could run a higher temperature, but I'm sure in the Summer when the ambient temps are higher I will not need as much heat?

Well there is bunch more to write about but I think I'M about to loose my power??? Were having a pretty bad ice storm as I write this and I think I just heard a few transformers blow. I have my house at 75*F and got my shop heat turned all the way up to pre heat the concrete so it will stay warm for a few days if we loose our power like the last freezing rain storm we had.
I know I should of installed a fire place this Summer.
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