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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
No this is the 6kw 480vac motor at 120vdc bus. I am waiting on payday to order an encoder for the brushless dc motor. I tested the brushless motor by spinning the post and looking at the waveform on the oscilloscope. It looked very sinewavish so it will be fun to test it .

Paul - the motor should run in open-loop mode (just to get it spinning)

What's the shaft diameter of that motor? I'll see what I can come up with for an encoder. What resolution do you need?

Perhaps I can do a resolver - or is that too much different stuff at once?

I just got my hot air soldering station and some paste. I should be able to get those boards together now. Sorry, I don't have cts casemod's patience for hand-soldering little stuff. Just getting those few parts on the bottom was a chore. It didn't help that I didn't include thermal vias to the ground plane. That ground plane is a very effective heat sink!

- E*clipse
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