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Hot air rework

WOW - this thing really works!

I just tried removing two 1210 resistors and replacing them with ferrite beads, using the E-bay air rework station. - model 852D+.

It works GREAT! Thanks a zillion Astro! Paul - this is definitely worth the money! (I paid about what Astro did)

The parts come off much easier - they're even reusable after removal, where I would often break stuff in my attempts to remove them using a soldering iron.

Regarding soldering - Astro's write up is spot on. The learning curve isn't bad at all.

Mine has a little oscillating air pump in the main box, rather than the handle. It's a bit noisey, but NBD. I have the air turned all the way down to reduce moving components.

Oh, and regarding solder paste - the stuff needs to be refrigerated. Be prepared for extra shipping costs for 2 day delivery, just for the solder. At the same time, a flux pen is "hazardous material " and must be shipped ground.

- E*clipse
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