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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
On a semi-related note- I have this pump project that I'm trying to keep as low-tech as possible. Paul, Thingstodo - could this work open - loop > no feedback. The pump motor is an induction 3 phase AC 240 V machine that right now is just plugged into the line.

Would Paul's open loop control work?
A pump works well with open loop control.

What (minimum) things should be added to make this pump more usable - right now all the owners want is a simple knob - twist control, but it seems some sort of water pressure feedback would be be awesome
The 'volume control' speed control should be all you need .. depending on what Paul has implemented on open loop.

Paul - what does the 'throttle' map to in open loop - hopefully output frequency or rpm? Or did you get that far in your experiments? It sounded like you had not spent much time on open loop.

If the potentiometer is set up for 5V at minimum speed and 0V at maximum speed, a pressure sensor that puts out 0V to 5V for 0 - 100 psi would replace the volume control and regulate to a pressure. The pressure MAY be able to be regulated with a potentiometer in series with the pressure sensor. It would take some experimentation with sensors and potentiometers.
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