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Originally Posted by rapapar View Post
Hi guys.
I'm a simracer and I'm working on an AC brushless motor for direct drive steering wheel.
I think that this project could be good to drive motor following input from ush hid device (force feedback device on computers)
I have an usb part already working, I would add your project to do this way: CarSimulator program => usb FFB signal => firmware part to catch FFB strengh and direction (force of steering respond from the simulated car) => your librairie firmware part to drive the AC motor => your electronic circuit for amplification => motor

could it be possible anyway?
Sorry for that "intrusion" here, but I'm looking everywhere to find a solution and I think your projet would be the best to do that. Isn't it?

Oh it's no intrusion! I think it would work fine. I'm not 100% sure I understand, but as long as you somehow tell the controller the amount of torque you want it to produce, it will do it, as long as it's hooked up to a motor.
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