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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
LOL. Haha.

The cheapest I have found is $145 for 1, and $100 each for 5. But I don't need 5.
Would you be willing to piece something together? Some years ago I built one by machining my own code wheel and mounting two optically interupted switches such that it worked as a quadrature encoder. It was soooper cheap - like $5 and a lot of time....

I'm not saying do that, but you can buy nice encoder wheels and seperately nice little quadrature sensors:

Qty 1 HP Q9898 Optical Encoder TTL Quadrature Output | eBay

Agilent Heds 6140 B10 Optical Encoder | eBay

Odds are it will be difficult to find the exact ID, but I'd be happy to either machine a spacer or open up the inside if it's close.


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