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Small 'f' like in e. e. cummings. Without seeing the bbCode that you wrote it's hard to say. Occam's Razor says you selected the little globe and keyboard instead of the moutains and yellow sky.

Plastidip doesn't stick to anything, that's the beauty of it. It conforms as it dries and then adheres through suction. That's why you can peel it off; and use it on chrome, for instance.

'Push locks'? I bought a set of fiberglass fenderskirts with a clamp mechanism that won't work. It hits the ends of the axles. What I intend to do is have a socket at the lower front and rear. The skirt will have flat tabs that fit through slot in each socket when the skirt is held at 45, then it will rotate up and in and have some sort of fastener[s] at the top.
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