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Cool 92 VX Seeking 50+ MPG

Hey guys and leety in California. I am "manning up" and starting my own thread.

I love my 92 VX. I Know I don't know it's real history, but it is all original, in great shape other than the paint on the roof and the hood: Tahitian Green Pearl (hence her name "Pearl"and I've never named a car)
Found it on eBay and bought it sight unseen. 255,000+ miles, bad paint and all. ($2,500 if you're curious).

Flew to One of the "villes" in North Carolina (Outside Asheville).
Put on new tires and drove it 1,500 miles back to elevation 5280, Denver CO!
Despite the conditions (wind, 18 wheelers, hills and mph 65-75), I got mpgs from 44-48. I was on the road all day long in the late August heat wave (w/little to no a/c!

Since then I've had immediately necessary maintenance done:
Major tune up (ran like a whole different car)
Fuel filter
Valve cover and gasket
Three oil changes including a couple of BG's products to clean the dirty engine
Two radiator flushes (not standard Honda stuff in there)
Cleaned injectors
Plus some minor brake work, replaced an axle.
The best mpg I've gotten is 48.6.
The "worst", 37.17.
I am using Road Trip (app) and have confirmed my odometer and trip meter against a mile marker. Yay they match! Boo odometer is right!!

The thing is that there is often up to ten mile variation per fill up is interspersed--a couple of 47 mpg results then a 37 and a 40 show up. Some known variables allowed for the low numbers, side wind at highway speed, cold weather...when they stayed low for three readings, we discovered a inoperative thermostat.

Now that I've replaced the broken thermostat and had the injectors well cleaned, I can't wait to see the results. I also set the tire pressure to the manual suggestion. Of course, since my commute is only 14 miles a day, it will take a while to reach half a tank so I can refuel! (Bummer :-)

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