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In Lean Burn Mode
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New Flow Chart with HOT/COLD EGR added:

My EGR now can utilize my intercooler for COLD EGR during Ultra Lean burn mode or HOT EGR during light to med load vacuum.

In COLD EGR it uses exhaust back pressure 3 lbs.+ that dumps exhaust into charge pipe that's pre intercooler that is 2 lbs or less. The Cold EGR system can flow up to 20 % of total exhaust.

In HOT EGR mode its more traditional and is non-intercooler in vacuum only.
This HOT EGR system will also help with my new paint waste solvent system. The new paint waste solvent system will add a new hydro carbon fuel for energy, plus help with emission's by adding small amounts hydro carbon's for stoich or slightly rich to keep the CAT happy.
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