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Originally Posted by kafer65 View Post
This thread journey has been very entertaining for me. Bravo! Learning about engine theory and design has been an interest for me since I was a child. I think what you have put together here is very cool! My intro to turbo torque was in a car much like your own. I'm learning a lot more about the practical limits and function of lean burn, timing and EGR effect on function. Its great. I can see how you would get sick of messing with it, though. I've been there. Took me 14 years to finish my restoration mainly because of money and school. I applaud your drive and energy! Both of which are all but gone in me. So, I will continue to armchair cheerlead. Carry on!
Thank You!!!

I'M very grateful that in this part of my life I can play with this Science Project and not have to worry about it if it leaves me stranded (in which it has) and not have another car to drive.

The other part that I like is the recorded data logs. There is so much information in the logs that it really helps with getting a outside view of what's going on when I make changes. When driving you can only pick up so much by the seat of the pants tuning. lol

I just found out that I can have all the waste solvent I can pack off from my local Auto Body Shops. It helps that I'M there local Auto Paint Jobber and they trust me and know I won't be just dumping the solvent somewhere.

My first thoughts on burning waste solvent as a fuel was to keep the CAT happy and run my lean burn normal (lock open loop tables) and add the waste solvent to achieve 14.7A/F. But now I'M thinking this will also get me some gains in fuel mileage also? How much I don't know? But I can't wait to find out.
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