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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I have spent several thousand dollars on massively paralleled TO-247 package based controller failures. haha. That's why I'm taking a few year break and only using those chassis mount components until I heal emotionally.
You're not the only one there. The brick modules make life much easier. No issues paralleling devices or crazy DC-LINK inductance calculations.

And for that, one has to stick with 30KHz or less, although for a charger the smaller modules may be a good option. Say a modular approach with 2KW per converter or so.

e*clipse what was the voltage drop of the SiC PFC diode on your boost converter?

Speaking of which, my PIC has two additional PWM channels for PFC correction (or whatever else you feel you want then for), in addition to the motor controller. Perhaps your device has an option to do the same, Paul

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