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Originally Posted by adam728 View Post
You say it's down on power and seems to run rich at altitude. Where do you ride the most? I'd jet to be safe at the lowest elevation you'll see, but also concentrate on making the jetting ideal for the elevation you'll ride at most often. The downside of a carbureted bike is that they don't deal well with elevation/temperature changes. When I was racing I had different jetting settings for every 800 m or so of elevation change. Not in one race mind you, but depending where we were going to be riding I had a jetting setup to go to for that. What runs great at 600 m is awful at 2100 m.

Also keep in mind that the different jetting for different countries could be due to other changes. And I don't just mean possible bike differences (like muffler, cam, etc), but fuel as well. Different blends of fuel act differently and can require different jetting, even if from the outside they appear "the same", as in same octane, reed vapor pressure, etc.

I normally motorcycle being 0 and 700 meters. routes sometimes reaching 1700 meters .

have different configurations according to the height or the temperature is not an option , I do not run races. must be a setup for winter / summer 0-700 meters. in winter I hardly use it , very cold does.

What is the correct settings ?

a slightly richer mixture to lose some power . safer .

a mixture to get the maximum power .

A slightly more lean lose some power . less certain. greater fuel economy.

I changed the first page , I'm talking about all the NX650 models sold in Spain .



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